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Frequently Asked Questions

Happster Feedback

Yes! It’s free to use for the first 25 feedbacks. After that limit, we’ll reach out to you and talk about upgrading to one of our paid team plans.

Adding a new feedback to Happster is easy with the /fb Slack command.

In the Slack channel you added the integration to, type /fb “Your feedback title goes here” Your feedback body goes here

For example, I can rave about the new office coffee by posting the following, /fb “I love the new coffee!” The dark roast is my favorite and a huge improvement!

Yes. When posting a new feedback within Slack, users can select if they want to send it anonymously. This hides the user’s identity from the rest of the team.

Team Admins have the ability to choose whether or not users can submit feedback anonymously.

Yes, we have a setting in Happster that enables Team Admins to either approve or reject feedback from displaying to the rest of the team. This is just to make sure it is appropriate for work. We don’t want any funny business.

You can edit a feedback until it is upvoted. Click the “View post on Happster” link in Slack. From here, edit the feedback in Happster and the updated post will display in your Slack channel.

You can delete a feedback until it is upvoted. Click the “View post on Happster” link in Slack. From here, delete the feedback in Happster and it will be removed from your Slack channel.

Note, removing a feedback post in your Slack channel does not remove it from Happster.

You can upvote feedback that is not your own. Just click the “Upvote” button in the Slack channel. If you have not already upvoted the post or hit your team’s monthly vote limit, you can upvote a post on Happster. The upvote count will be immediately updated in your Slack channel.

Nope! You can create a brand new Happster account directly from Slack. After clicking the “Add To Slack” button, we’ll walk you through the whole process.

Teammates will be automatically invited to Happster when they join your Slack channel. It’s that easy!