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Happster is designed to supercharge happiness and workplace engagement across any organization.

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Great culture inspires community, welcomes feedback and leads to a healthy sense of well-being

Communication and Transparency

Communication and Transparency

Great company culture is like a relationship with a best friend; transparent, genuine, real-time feedback is key.

Recognizing Great People

Recognizing Great People

Every company has heroes that embody their core values, go above and beyond the call of duty.

Ongoing Help and Support

Ongoing Help and Support

Teams thrive with ongoing training and a safe place to ask questions.

Happster Feedback


A safe place to add constructive insights and praise for the team

Post feedback on which aspects of your organization are amazing and which areas need to be better optimized. Your co-workers can upvote your ideas to make sure the most critical items bubble to the top and get attention quick.

You can choose to post your feedback anonymously. All anonymous feedback and votes are kept secret. No need to be scared for giving valuable feedback anymore. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Happster Feedback Feature

Provide Feedback

Share important insights about the workplace. Post Anonymously or as Yourself.

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Receive an allowance of votes each month. Upvote what you feel is the most important.


Recognize the heroes at your company

Not all heroes wear capes. Every company has superstars that embody their core values, go above and beyond the call of duty and work outside of the box.

Recognizing a co-worker's efforts allows them to feel the impact their work makes. Creating this positive feedback loop keeps your work heroes striving to work toward a higher standard. Unleashing this positivity daily creates a more fun and productive workplace.

Happster Hero Feature Shoutout

Give a Shoutout

Tag a teammate and post why they're awesome

Happster Hero Feature Like

Show Some Love

Like and give additional shoutouts to an existing hero

Happster Heroes
Happster Qhub


Ask questions and request help from your peers, even anonymously

We all forget the Conditional Formatting Excel formula that we learned in High School, it's ok! Qhub is a place where you can get in-person or remote help fast. Members of your company drive support.

The best part is you have the opportunity to get real assistance fast while connecting with someone from your company you may have never met.

Happster Qhub

Ask Questions

Request help from your peers. Choose the best answer to help others who need the same solution.

Happster Qhub Ask Anonymously

Ask Anonymously

Post a question anonymously (to protect your secret identity).

Qhub Feature Answer Questions

Support Your Team

Provide answers to teammates' questions.