Productivity & Sentiment Analytics

Analytics designed to manage your team’s feedback and performance.

Feedback Analytics

Make Data Driven Decisions

A real-time summary of trending topics most important to a team. Busy team leaders can quickly view what needs to be addressed internally before it damages reputation on external sites like Glassdoor.

Feedback Analytics highlights the most upvoted Feedback that hasn’t been responded to, positive and negative sentiment trends over time, as well as CSV exports of all team feedback.

Employee Productivity and Happiness Analytics
Qhub Analytics

Question and Learning Analytics

Measure and Improve

Discover in real-time which subjects employees are struggling to find answers to.

Team leaders receive summarized insights on the categories of questions being asked so they know exactly where to allocate resources for training, leading to further empowerment of the team.

Peer Recognition Analytics

Keep an Eye on the Morale of Your Team

Peer Recognition Analytics

High levels of peer recognition reflect a positive workplace culture.

Easily spot the superstars and uplifters of your organization. When getting ready for employee reviews, heroes analytics will give you all the data you need to help further employee development and promotions.

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Performance Management Analytics

Monitor Your Team’s Workload

Overworked and stressed-out employees lead to low morale and high turnover.

Performance Management Analytics show in real-time which employees have large workloads and which employees are falling behind on their goals. Team leaders are empowered with timely information to respond before toxic frustration occurs.

Insightful metrics include performance goals that are coming due per day, week, month and year, as well as goals that are incomplete and past due.