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Feedback is safe place to add constructive insights and praise for the team.

Employee Feedback

Annual Surveys are Outdated

With today's fast paced workplace ecosystem, annual and quarterly surveys are left in the dust. Busy managers need access to the highest impact feedback from their teams anywhere, anytime at a glance. With Feedback, employees can post about which aspects of the organization are amazing and which areas need improvement.

Team members can upvote ideas to make sure the most critical items bubble to the top and get attention fast.

Employee Engagement and Feedback Software
Feedback Sentiment Engine

Upvote and Sentiment Engine

Rethink the Way Feedback is Given

Our unique Sentiment Engine helps to keep things constructive. While users type a Feedback post they can see see the sentiment of their post in real-time. Sentiment Engine helps the employees get their point across in a constructive manner.

Happster's Feedback feature operates on a monthly currency of upvotes. Each month users are given between 5-10 upvotes. Once an Upvote is used it cannot be retracted and they do not roll over.

Make Feedback Your Competitive Advantage

Does your team use Slack? No problem.

Share feedback with your team anytime, anywhere, right from Slack.
Just like in Happster, you can post anonymously and see your feedback's sentiment score.

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People Analytics Drive Better Decisions

Real-time feedback can help you identify minor issues before they become big problems. Monitor which feedback is most important and take action fast. Gain insight on which aspects of your company are incredible or which can be optimized.

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