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Happster is the first end to end platform designed to supercharge employee happiness and workplace engagement across any organization or team.


The Problem

Employees are Disengaged and Unhappy

In 2016 a poll conducted by Gallup found that only 13% of the worldwide workforce is actively engaged in their jobs.

Disengagement has been directly tied to:

  • Decreased Productivity
  • Increased Sick Days
  • Higher Turnover
  • Decreased Profit Margins
  • Negative Customer Experience
  • Loss of Revenue
Negative side effects of disengaged employees
Key Features for a Happier Workplace

The Solution

Create a Happier Workplace

Great culture inspires community, welcomes feedback and leads to a healthy sense of well-being.

Core Features

Our Solution

Open Communication and Transparency - Feedback Feature


Open Communication

Employees can give constructive feedback in real-time. Unlike surveys, users can interact with Happster on their own time when it is most relevant.

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Peer to Peer Recognition - Heroes Feature


Peer Recognition

Heroes is our take on peer recognition. Teams can cross functionally and multi-directionally shoutout rockstars at their organization increasing team morale.

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Ongoing Training - Qhub Feature


Ongoing Training

Qhub is your living company FAQ. Users can ask questions publicly or anonymously. And get help fast from the experts on your team.

Learn more about Qhub

Real-time Analytics and Insights

Leadership teams, managers, happiness and culture teams, this is your time to rejoice. Feedback and Qhub have powerful analytics baked right in.

Why spend a ton of cash, time and resources for a consulting firm to uncover what your employees already know?

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