Every company wants to retain quality employees. Not only is low retention costly, it hurts office morale. In an effort to keep retention high, many companies enact new policies or programs they think employees will like and enjoy. But what if the company could know what the employees want?

Workplaces today must evolve. Part of this evolution includes employee engagement. What is employee engagement? It is the practice by a company of ensuring employee satisfaction in the workplace. Sound tedious? You bet! That’s why companies locate and use employee engagement software.

The Cost of Terrible Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is supremely important in today’s workplace.

According to a study from 2015

not only are engaged employees happier in the workplace, companies with engaged employees grow profits at a rate three times faster than competitors.

In addition, engaged employees are 87% more likely to stay with their organization.

This is important because a disengaged employee costs an employer an estimated $3400.00 for every $10,000.00 in salary. Said differently, low employee engagement costs the US economy about $370 billion per year.

Companies with engaged employees grow profits at a rate three times faster than competitors. Click To Tweet

Benefits of Engaged Employees

What are some benefits to having engaged employees?

Greater employee engagement leads to increased productivity. Put another way: an engaged employee is a productive employee.

When an employee is invested in their job and it is not just work to them, they feel a personal desire to succeed in their work. Engaged employees take ownership in their work. How does employee engagement software accomplish this task? By providing employees with a place to be heard and to discuss corporate initiatives, the employees feel valued.

In addition to that, companies can decrease turnover. As noted above, engaged employees are less likely to leave their current organization. Look at the top reasons why people quit their jobs. People don’t leave because there aren’t enough free snacks in the break room. People don’t leave because the company doesn’t offer great health insurance.

People leave because they don’t feel valued.

When utilizing the right employee engagement software, companies have a direct line of communication with each individual employee.

This allows the employee to provide feedback, instantaneously, to the decision makers of the organization. This ability to be heard is what makes employees feel valued. An employee who feels valued is an employee who stays.

People don’t leave because there aren’t enough free snacks in the break room. People leave because they don’t feel valued. Click To Tweet

Technology Opens Up Communication in New Ways

Speaking of being heard, employee engagement software offers the ability for employees to voice concern or pleasure with current happenings within the company. Why is this important?

Instead of waiting for a quarterly or an annual review when, most likely, it’s too late, employees can provide instant information about the level of engagement, or lack thereof, for employees. Managers and executives, in turn, can react to this information on a real time basis and make adjustments as necessary.

Clearly, employee engagement is good for business.

But how do you engage employees?

Frequent Feedback Results in Productive Improvements

Employee engagement software Happster provides companies with ease of use in employee engagement.

Happster enhances employee engagement for organizations by providing a place to gather and manage employee feedback where managers and executives can review the results and make business decisions based on the desires, wants and needs of individual employees.

Instead of guessing what will keep the company’s employees engaged, the company has the ability to know.

With the help of Happster, employee engagement and satisfaction is easier. As a company analyzes solutions to increase not only productivity but also retention, employee engagement software is a must.


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