I think that we have all had a bad boss. One who is never there or isn’t helpful when you come looking for an answer to a critical company question.

These bad bosses make us want to become better bosses when we finally get the chance to lead our teams. A boss is such an essential part of the company, and their job should never be taken lightly. They can make or break the company and the employees who work for it.

Since the boss is such an important figure in the business, they should never stop learning how to be a better boss. That’s why we are sharing a post today about how to go from a good boss to a great boss.

Great bosses:

1. Take Company Culture Seriously

Your company culture is critical. We spend 40+ hours of our week at work, and then there is all the time that we take our job home with us. So, all-in-all, we spend a ton of time being at and thinking about work. Great bosses understand that the time we spend at work shouldn’t be awful! In turn, great bosses take company culture into careful consideration, and they make sure their employees are as happy as they can be with their time at work.

Are you worried about your company culture? Here are ten signs that your company culture sucks. We hope that you don’t meet any of these criteria, but if you do, it’s never too late to take control and work to fix your companies culture.

2. Are Passionate About Their Job

When you are passionate about your work, it’s infectious! Your employees often mirror what you do as a boss, so if you are excited about what you do, your employees will be too. Passion is necessary because it makes anyone a better, harder worker.

Passion is often an out of body thing, so great bosses know that they have to not only be passionate but showcase that to their employees! So, at your next meeting showcase your passion in ways that your employees can recognize.

3. Value Feedback And Act On It

Feedback is crucial, but the important thing about feedback is, you can’t just take it. Acting on it is the most important step.

Great bosses know that you can’t just have a place for people to suggest changes, you have to hear those changes and implement the most vital ones. Your company will grow because you considered that feedback and worked with your employees to make necessary changes to your business.

At Aventr, we value feedback so much that we even built an app around it! Learn more about how you can use our app Happster to power your team to provide feedback that you can act on as a boss.

4. Are Present (Mentally And Physically)

Great bosses are there for their employees not just physically, but also mentally.

What does this look like?

It means showing up to work, listening to your employees, and being present in the conversations that you have with them. Your body can’t be the only thing in the room on a day to day basis; your mind has to be in the room too.

When you take the time to listen to your workers actively, you can be a more effective leader, and with that, you value your employees time because they don’t have to talk to you about the same things constantly.

5. Leave Micromanaging At The Door

When you are intensely passionate about something, it can be hard to let the project go to the hands of other people. Micromanaging, though, is suffocating for your employees whom you should trust to be able to handle the job with care.

So, great bosses know this, and they leave micromanaging at the door in exchange for letting their employees be in charge of their own projects. It can be scary to give up that amount of control, but you must understand that your employees are there to help you, not to hurt you.

Instead of micromanaging your employees, understand how to best manage the employees that you have on your team.

6. Sets Clear Expectations For Employees

Being an employee can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know exactly what you need to do. Great bosses take that frustration away from their employees by setting clear expectations. Don’t let your employees sink because you did not tell them what you needed. Let your workers know what you need so they can go above and beyond your expectations.

7. Build Trust And Empathy Among Employees

It’s difficult to work with people you don’t know that well or you don’t trust.

Great bosses are able to build teams that trust each other and have empathy for each other when things get tough. As a great boss, you should be able to foster a team who loves and trusts one another. When you build that trust, your team will work better, and your team members will know that they have each other’s backs.

8. Take Interest In Employees & Learns Their Strengths

When you know what your employee’s strengths are you can build great teams that get projects done efficiently and effectively.

As a boss, your goal should be to pair people up who will work well together or give people assignments they will excel at. Getting to know your employees by taking an interest in them and the work that they produce will help you be the best boss that you can be.

9. Make Tasks Align With Company Vision

We have all done work for some bosses when you aren’t sure what the task has to do with the business at all. Busy work is not a great business strategy. So, as a great boss, it’s your job to make the tasks that you assign, align with your company vision, values, and statements. If the tasks that you assign don’t align, why are you assigning them?


Today we discussed nine things that great bosses do so you can go from a good boss to a great boss. Are you doing these things? If you start implementing each of these items little by little, you can elevate yourself and become the boss you were always meant to be!


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