Coming in the leading role for the first time can be exciting, but it is just as difficult to be a leader. You have to be at your best when you know all eyes are on you. But the more demanding part is that you have to be at your best at all times. If you are becoming a manager for the first time, here are the 7 leadership tips you must know.

7 Crucial Leadership Tips for First Time Managers

1. Be the Leading Example

As basic and clichéd as it may sound, leading by example is the most important part of being a leader and also the most difficult one. If you want your workforce to pay attention to your words, you will have to back them with action.

When you are not punctual, but ask your employees to be on time, you send a very negative image of yourself. If you want them to dress properly, you will have to come dressed properly too. Similarly, you will have to lead by example in other characteristics and traits e.g. pressure handling, self-motivation, drive, etc.

2. Be the Best Communicator

Being the best communicator does mean being persuasive in your speech only. As you go deeper, it means communicating every major and minor detail of a project, official order, announcement, etc. as clearly as possible. Clear communication sets a clear direction for your workforce.

Moreover, make it two-way communication where you let your employees give feedback and ask questions. This gets your point across clearly and leaves no room for misunderstandings.

3. Know That Learning Hasn’t Stopped

The most serious mistake you can make no matter how high you go in your life is thinking that you have learned everything. This way of thinking directly affects your character and personality.

In clearer words, thinking that you have learned it all makes you arrogant and stiff. When you know that you are still a learner, humility and humbleness remain a part of your conversations. People like humble leaders. On the other hand, you must already know people’s common perception of grumpy bosses.

4. Always Appreciate and Recognize

When there is no appreciation and recognition at an organization, self-motivation can become a fairy tale.

You can’t expect people to keep on doing a great job without getting recognized for their work. When people don’t receive recognition for their work, they come to your workplace just to “do their job”.

Your appreciation, recognition and the practice of rewarding them for their efforts can change their mentality, and convince them to go the extra mile.

When people don’t receive recognition for their work, they come to your workplace just to “do their job”. Click To Tweet

5. Conduct Meetings Only When They Are Productive

One of the things that can really worsen the relationship between the management and the employees is non-productive, untimely and overly frequent meetings.

Meetings are great even if your employees don’t like them a bit. However, the one thing that must always be constant in all meetings is “time is money”. Make your meetings productive and conduct them only when there is a real need. If an issue is minor, but needs some stern mentioning, keep the meeting short.

6. Make Good Relations with Employees the Top Priority

It is all too natural for new managers to get in that “performance mode”. They want to prove that they deserved the position and start overly focusing productivity and performance. While these are great aspects of a manager, they are not the first things you focus on. Your top priority should be to have happy relations with your employees.

How can you make people work when they are not happy to work under you? Not to mention, they can never be impressively productive unless they are working happily.

7. Be a Decisive Person

One leadership aspect that can instantly strengthen or weaken your image as a manager is decisiveness.

A great leader is a great decision maker. When you are confident in what you are doing, trust the team you are working with and have clear goals in mind, you make your decisions quickly. Going back and forth on your decisions can hurt your image as a manager very badly.

Think carefully, take your time and get employees’ feedback before making your decisions, so you don’t keep on changing your mind. Being indecisive makes people call you an unfit and weak leader.


Much of what you have read might sound like things you have already heard. This is exactly what it is. These are the things you have been told over and over. When you become a manager, you just have to start taking them seriously. Experienced managers advise that you should also have a mentor you can go back to off and on.


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