Aventr Roadtrip to Visit Glassdoor Companies

Aventr Roadtrip to Visit Glassdoor Companies

Aventr’s journey started out as a 4,000 mile road trip across the eastern USA. We set out to meet with the top ranked Glassdoor companies in major cities to more holistically understand what contributes towards extraordinary company culture. Four thousand miles and 36 months later, we’ve learned quite a bit about the challenges surrounding your workplaces and the hurdles you encounter to bring positive change.

Great Culture is Intentional

At this point, the phrase “company culture” has become cliche, as the vast majority of HR pros, CEO’s, COO’s and Culture Gurus understand the huge impact that culture has on their company’s bottomline. The stats speak for themselves,

  • A Columbia University study found turnover at companies with poor work culture is 48%
  • Companies with strong cultures saw a 4x increase in revenue growth. (Forbes)
  • Being named a Best Place to Work is associated with a near 1 point stock jump. (Glassdoor)
  • 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. (Deloitte)

Company culture isn’t something that happens by accident. It’s a methodically architected tapestry of people, diversity, perks, praise, transparency and humanness. To be clear, we’ve definitely seen some startups that accidentally create wonderful company culture; however, it will not scale without deliberate and strategic effort on your part.

Love Letters — CoWorker Praise Board

Love Letters — CoWorker Praise Board

Too Many Tools

Transparency, two way sharing of feedback between employees and leadership, habitual praise — they’re each relatively simple concepts with documented ROI. Though seemingly straightforward, these concepts require massive behavioral commitment from organizations. The challenge is working these new behaviors into existing workflows. When we first launched our employee engagement platform, Happster, we went all in on “mobile first” with native experiences for both iOS and Android. Mobile was requested by 67% of the companies we met with on our trip as well as our beta subscribers. However, the reality was a completely different story.

A large number of our clients have to work within the constraints of full-time, part-time and contract employee mobile device policies. Post-launch we saw abysmal adoption and engagement from Happster on both Android and iOS. Remember, these were employees and leadership teams that committed early on through our beta program to driving employee happiness and engagement, so what gives!? Put simply, those we surveyed wanted a Ferrari, when all they needed was a Honda Civic. Happster mobile wasn’t assimilating into their current workflow, it was another tool to learn and additional friction.

The fix for “app fatigue” was the introduction of employee engagement tools directly into existing workflows. Our Happster Feedback Slack bot more than 3x’ed adoption and 2x’ed engagement. HR professionals, C-level executives and employees all have a ton of software tools begging for their attention at work. By integrating Happster into Slack, we encountered less resistance weaving into your current workflow and the adoption numbers prove it.

Happster Slack bot vs. CompaniReviews Slack Bot

Happster Slack bot vs. CompaniReviews Slack Bot

Proactive Vs. Reactive

In a survey to Aventr customers distributed in 2017, we found that 60% of companies had headcount dedicated to monitoring and managing employee reviews from websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, CareerBliss and Fairygodboss. Dedicated headcount for review management is expensive and demonstrated a pain point amongst customers, notably the challenge of monitoring ever more reviews swirling around the internet. While Happster has had immense success with a wide majority of our partnering clients, it’s proactive approach towards gathering internal employee feedback doesn’t work for every company. Some teams are too lean or financially bootstrapped to stand up a proactive employee engagement solution. We see a strategic opportunity for HR Pros, C-Level Executives, Culture Gurus and even Investors to stay on top of their company reputation without introducing a new workflow. We recently released CompaniReviews, our employee review aggregate Slack app, to solve this pain point. By collecting reviews in real-time from websites like Glassdoor and Indeed and sending them to Slack, we’re able to help teams save time and take action. CompaniReviews is a starting point in your company’s quest to improve its company culture by listening to current and past employees in real-time without having to implement a company-wide initiative.

The Journey Continues

Aventr’s mission remains the same — we’re dedicated to transforming how companies and employees interact, to build happier, more engaging and productive workplaces.


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