When it comes to a great job, the benefits shouldn’t end when you sign on the dotted line.

Wage, health insurance, and paid time off are all attractive enough ingredients, but they shouldn’t keep you satisfied on their own.

If your level of happiness is taking a nosedive the second you’re walking through the front door, it’s a surefire sign your company’s work culture is in the dumpster.

A lot of the time it’s easy to notice. But there can be other, more subtle signs that your business has all the charm and vivacity of a two-week-old banana peel. And those signs, as often hard to spot as they can be, can have an enormous effect on productivity.

1. Your Employees Constantly Show up Late

Think about your own social engagements. You don’t tend to shrug off the events you’re looking forward to. Showing up late means that at best your employees are indifferent about their position and at worst are dragging their feet every time they get out of bed.

Repeat tardiness isn’t just a sign that your hire’s passion in running thin; it can mean he’s lost respect for his position altogether.

2. Your Employees Perform the Bare Minimum

Top companies don’t get by with mediocre customer service, tepid reviews, and about average product quality. They excel when their service excels, and you can’t hope to provide a stellar service when everyone isn’t giving it their all.

Employees tend to fail to impress when they feel ignored by their superiors, neglected when it comes to a job well done, and passed by when it comes time for promotions.

3. Nobody Talks Outside of Work

Ever wonder why your employees hardly talk? A healthy office promotes camaraderie and trust between all levels of management. Employees forming close bonds, meeting outside of work hours, or just grabbing a collective drink at the end of a shift are all great signs that you’re cultivating a friendly environment.

4. You Never Receive Any New Ideas

Nobody likes talking to a brick wall. Employees tend to be most vocal when they feel like they’re being heard. Your staff is much more likely to offer up ideas if they feel like their opinions are respected.

A quiet office is a sign that employees either don’t feel valued or don’t feel like it’s worth it to be a new idea forward.

5. Employees Never Refer Their Friends

What you recommend to your friends says a lot about what you value most. When your employees bring their friends into the fold, it’s a surefire sign they approve of what they’re doing. And the same is true for the opposite.

If not a single one of your employees is looking to expand the company directory, chances are they’re not planning to stick around very long.

6. There’s No Enthusiasm for Your Company

When your company succeeds, everyone succeeds. Or at least, that’s what an employer should always aim for. If your employees don’t feel this way, it means they no longer believe they’re in a symbiotic relationship. Muster your workforce and get them excited about new opportunities.

Your employees should look at new projects as a chance to shine, not just another pile of paperwork for their desk.

7. Your Office Has Become a Revolving Door

Every office has its share of people moving out. A recent Gallup poll found that

21% of millennials had changed jobs in the past year, while 60% were willing to consider a switch.

A little bit of turnover is indicative of a competitive marketplace. Too much means that your company is either not offering enough in turns of incentives or is seen as a stepping stone towards greener pastures.

8. Management and Employees Hardly Ever Speak

An open environment is key to cross-departmental success. A sense of what’s going on in the office shouldn’t end after your scheduled monthly meeting. For one, it convinces workers that management actually cares about what they’re doing. For another, it builds a sense of trust that they can turn to their bosses when things go poorly.

9. Your Employees Consistently Undermine One Another

Take some time out of your day to observe coworkers’ interactions. Are they cold, formal, and generally to the point? Do they criticize one another’s performance more than they offer praise? Do communications suffer whenever projects involve multiple departments? The “every man for himself” mentality promotes a cutthroat, untrustworthy, and generally acerbic workplace.

10. Your Social Media Presence is a Garbage Fire

Public opinion isn’t something to be taken likely. When your company’s social image is in the dumps, it lowers employee’s confidence in their organization. Negative reviews are a terrific indicator that something’s gone seriously rotten in Denmark. And that goes doubly so when those reviews are from former or current employees.


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