Since Slack’s founding in 2013, it has become a fantastic workplace communication tool for offices and remote workers across the world. Since Slack’s founding, many companies have improved upon the Slack interface and released apps, bots, and tools that help you bring more of your job into the cloud with Slack.

Today we are sharing the ten best Slack HR apps so that you can build the amazing teams your heart desires.

1. Niles

A wiki bot that organizes your team’s knowledge and answers common questions.

Niles Slack App

No one likes repeating the same information over and over. When you have to explain simple frequently asked questions, it becomes tedious, and it stalls your progress as a team. Wouldn’t it be great if you could answer a question once and have a bot that could organize all your previous answers for you? That’s where Niles comes in.

Niles learns from the questions and answers that you provide, and it can also connect with apps like Google Drive to help you connect even more of your company’s knowledge. This Slack integration can be helpful for onboarding new employees that have a lot of questions so they can get up to speed on all of your company’s basic information.

It can also help you land sales faster because your employees can get instant answers to all of those frequently asked client questions so they can quickly make more money for your business.

2. Happster Feedback

An employee suggestion box where everyone can upvote the best ideas.

Employee Feedback Slack App

Feedback is the backbone of any functioning office, and Aventr has created a Slack integration just for that. Being able to take feedback from your employees easily is crucial, and the Happster Feedback Slack integration makes that easy.

With Happster Feedback your staff can easily share feedback (publicly or anonymously) and then your entire team can upvote on their favorite ideas and continue the conversation with a comment.

Happster Feedback is such a great app because it is easy to add feedback and it gives your employees options. Sometimes your employees have something to say, but it’s hard to do so without some anonymity. With Happster Feedback you can get your employees honest feedback instead of just the comments you want to see.

A more honest workplace helps you make the changes necessary to keep your employees truly happy.

3. Donut

Introduces people who don’t know each other well and encourages them to meet.

Donut Slack app

Sometimes companies are difficult to navigate. You could work with a company for years and never know more than a couple of employees; this can be even worse for businesses with remote workspaces.

Donut saves the day by pairing your employees up randomly every few weeks for a donut, coffee, or Skype date (whatever works best for them).

This Slack integration can help your company create friendships, create a community, and just create some empathy for people in other departments. Best of all, your employees can opt-out if they want to, no one gets matched unless they are in the Slack channel devoted to Donut.

4. Paperbot

Organizes the links shared on your Slack channels so you can view at anytime from anywhere via a neat web interface, iOS or Android app or email digest.

Paperbot Slack App

Slack channels can get cluttered over time. The more employees there are in your Slack channels, the truer this becomes.

Your employees share a lot of relevant links to your Slack channels, and often those links get lost in the shuffle. No one wants to sort through a ton of clutter just to find an interesting link, and Paperbot can help you avoid that.

Once Paperbot has joined a Slack channel, it goes to work organizing all of the links that channel has ever shared. Using AI, Paperbot can focus on the most relevant links to you and your team. You can then get your links as an email digest, on their web app, or on their mobile app.

5. Aloha

An onboarding bot to help your organization build culture, set community standards, and get people off on the right foot.

Aloha Slack Bot

Joining Slack can be a whirlwind for new members. There is so much information to take in, and there are so many questions to be asked. What if you could automate most if not all of this process? That’s where Aloha comes in.

Aloha is a Slack integration you can use to get your new members off on the right foot. You could prompt them to introduce themselves, offer them guidance on some of the best channels to use, recommend them to shy away from using the @channel mention, and so much more. Your onboarding sequence can be as short or as long as you want it to be.

6. ExpenseTron

Keep track of expenses with expense reporting and purchase order approvals.

ExpenseTron Slack Bot

You can do so much with Slack integrations, and ExpenseTron allows you to take your expense reporting to the Slack app as well. With ExpenseTron you can easily set up managers for your Slack community. Those managers will get all the expense reports that your employee’s DM to ExpenseTron.

Your employees can send ExpenseTron all sorts of information about an expense and even take a picture of the receipt. Managers can then accept or deny expenses from Slack, and they can sync all this activity with programs like Xero and Quickbooks.

ExpenseTron also covers a broad range of money related things like mileage expenses, project billing, purchase orders, and more.

7. Meeting Bot

Manages every aspect of your meetings.

Meeting Bot Slack Bot

If you work in an office you know that scheduling meetings can be challenging. Meeting Bot takes some of that difficulty away by doing a number of things.

  1. Finding Available Times: Meeting Bot can suggest some meeting times that work for both people who need to schedule a meeting. It does this by looking at the calendars of both parties. Once available times are found, Meeting Bot can book those meeting times on both calendars.
  2. Finding available meeting rooms: Finding an available room can also be a pain point that Meeting Bot helps you solve. It can find the schedules of meeting spaces in your office and help you book them for your meeting.
  3. Nudging people who are late: Sometimes we are running a few minutes behind schedule, or we completely forget a meeting exists. If you are on time for a meeting, you can anonymously nudge the people who are late, and they can update you on their status from Slack.

8. BirthdayBot

Ensures all the members of your team get a proper b-day celebration!

BirthdayBot Slack Bot

No one ever wants to pass up an opportunity for cake and ice cream in the office! BirthdayBot gathers all the birthdays for your employees and then keeps your Slack members up to date about all the upcoming birthdays.

Armed with this information, you can put together special birthday treats like office parties and make sure that all of your team members feel special on their special day. This is an excellent way to build morale in your workplace, and you don’t have to remember birthday’s off the top of your head (which can become difficult if you have a huge team).

9. Icebreakers

Coworkers get to know each other with short and fun questions about themselves.

Icebreakers Slack app

Getting to know more about your coworkers is fun, but it’s not always possible. Icebreakers help you get to know the people in your office by randomly asking a handful of your Slack team members a few fun get-to-know your questions.

Your team members answer the questions and then Icebreakers publishes their answers in a public channel along with their name, department, and role. This allows you to get to know new people in your office each week, and potentially learn some things you have in common with them!

10. LeeveBot

Manages your employees time off.

Leevebot Slack Bot

Many companies have paid time off, but it’s not always easy to take time off that you deserve and have access to.

As a company, if you add LeeveBot to your Slack account, you can make sure that your employees are getting the time of that will keep them happy and healthy. With LeeveBot your Slack members can easily request time off and view their remaining time off.

As an approver of time off requests, you can keep track of when your team will be off, approve or deny the requests of other members, and even request time on behalf of another team member.

This Slack integration truly puts your team first and makes sure that they get the time off they deserve, while also making sure that you have enough workers to keep the office running in a team members absence.


Running your team can be difficult, but there are a ton of resources out there that can help you create a great environment. The Slack integrations that we went over today can help you manage feedback, connect with your employees, track things like expenses and leave requests, and so much more.

Slack is a great communication tool for your business, and these apps will help you communicate faster and more efficiently.


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