We are creating a happier, more empowered workplace for everyone.

How It All Started

The inspiration for Aventr comes from various workplace experiences faced by our friends, mentors and family. Whether it’s lack of training, poor communication between employees and managers, or just overall lack of morale, we discovered patterns of disconnect that continually caused the most valuable employees to leave for greener pastures.

The longstanding practice of annual employee surveys fails to keep pace with the real-time world we live in. Companies try to fix this by adding workplace perks, like ping-pong, happy hours, stocked-kitchens and nap pods, but it’s not solving the core issue of disengagement.

We started Aventr to fix this by focusing on what really keeps employees, based on the principles of positive psychology. Our apps provide real-time feedback and analytics that drive insightful communication between managers, their employees and entire teams.

Perry Petrozelli, CEO


Company is Founded

Cofounders Perry Petrozelli and Mike Casey start Aventr with a mission to create better company culture.

March 2016

Road Trip

Cofounders embarked on a cross country road trip to learn from the top ranked Glassdoor companies across America.

April 2016

Happster Development Started

Mobile app development began for both iOS and Android.

June 2016

Happster Beta

Happster beta for mobile is launched and ready for teams to join.

November 2016

Web app and Analytics Development

The web application and analytics of Happster began development.

December 2016

Happster Full Release

Happster is completed with a full stack including both mobile and web application as well as a rich analytics platform.

February 2017

Meet the Team

We are passionate about creating a happier workplace and nothing will stop us from reaching our goal.

Riley Kilgariff

UX Designer

Eric Shou

Front End Engineer

Shaina Veloz

Front End Developer

James Marshall

Advisor & Editor


Oscar McSlotherson

Happiness Manager

Oscar was grew up just outside of Panama city. The McSlotherson family relocated to Easton Pennsylvania not far from the Crayola Experience, when he was 7. While he has an extensive background working with larger corporate companies, Aventr is his first Startup experience. He has a reputation for his caffeine addiction. Oscar has a contagious knack for making people laugh hysterically and smile non-stop.

Mike Casey

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

Mike knows first hand how important a great company culture is. Having worked at 10 person startups to the largest of Fortune 500 companies, Mike has experience in what it takes to bring people together to implement positive change across organizations. He is passionate about leveraging technology to engage employees in an entirely new way, especially across the technology sector.

Perry Petrozelli

Co-Founder & CEO

Perry has experience in diverse industries, including material design, manufacturing, charity, and software development. Having worked in a range of roles, from Sales rep to CSO, he understands what it takes to remove blockers, automate processes and unite people across roles. He is extremely passionate about implementing better working environments that have positive effects far beyond a company’s bottom line.

Joshua Todd

Front End Developer & Marketing

Josh has a background in internet marketing, professional photography and is a perpetual entrepreneur. He is a strong advocate for team building, team work, transparency and communication in the workplace and brings these skills to the table everywhere he goes. Josh has a profound passion for creativity and quality user experience and is the driving force behind the beauty and brand of Aventr.

What We Believe In

We strive for these values every single day, not just at work.

  • Have Humility
  • Say What You Mean + Mean What You Say
  • Connect + Love
  • Be A Human
  • Treat Others Better Than You Expect To Be Treated
  • Be Yourself + Stay Weird
  • Pay It Forward