Employee Feedback in Slack

With Happster Feedback your employees can share their feedback without ever having to leave Slack.

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How Happster Works

The Best Combination of Tools to Increase Team Engagement

We traveled across the United States and interviewed top Glassdoor companies to find out what made their company cultures so great. Happster is the result of everything we learned.

Employee Feedback

Empower Your Team With Feedback

Too often we let great ideas slip by. Get feedback and let your whole team upvote the best ideas. Access and manage feedback from your analytics dashboard.

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Employee Feedback Software
Happster Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

Energize Teams with Expressions of Appreciation

Both the givers and receivers of gratitude experience enhanced well-being, and greater energy levels according to research in Positive Psychology.

The Heroes panel provides a fun way for leaders and colleagues to express appreciation, give compliments and memorialize these interactions.

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Living FAQ

Inspire New Friendships & Facilitate Learning

From Qhub employees quickly ask questions and get answers from their colleagues. Whether it’s how to get a new employee ID card, or how to run a VLOOKUP in Excel, Qhub connects your team members to the resources they need, creating a continuous learning and team building environment.

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Qhub - Happster App


Built-in analytics that supercharge teams. Great for leadership.

Leadership teams, managers, happiness and culture teams, this is your time to rejoice. Feedback, Heroes and Qhub each have powerful analytics baked right in. Why spend a ton of cash, time and resources for a consulting firm to uncover what your employees already know?

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Happster for Slack

Happster for Slack

With Happster Feedback your employees can share their feedback without ever having to leave Slack.

Did You Know?

Companies who prioritize a culture of engagement are 7x more likely to keep their best employees.
Turnover is expensive. Aventr uses proven positive psychology principles to eliminate it.


87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges

Employee Engagement Program Stats

Companies with employee engagement programs achieve 26% greater YoY increase in annual company revenue, compared to those who do not have formal programs.

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